Our CREW is brand spankin’ NEW (sort of, kind of, a little bit …)

Happy Friday, beautiful readers!

I just wanted to take a few short minutes to tell you about the changes happening at Bella Cleaning! Along with finding some seriously awesome office space, we also found some stellar cleaning specialists who have joined our lovely team!

Meet Emily and Summer!

Summer Emily Alvarez

I swear that it is only a strange coincidence, but both Emily and Summer are experienced dancers who both graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance. This is great for our clients, because let me tell you, both of these ladies are totally full of energy! They are also both kind and compassionate with a funny side; personally speaking, it is actually physically impossible to work with either of them without experiencing some awesome, bottom-of-the-belly laughs. Their quirkiness and charm make them a perfect fit for Bella Cleaning!

Adventurous and spontaneous, Emily has lived in numerous states around the country, always in search of a new adventure. At 18 years young, she moved to Tempe, Arizona from her home town of Carbondale, Colorado, where she pursued her degree and enjoyed life for several years. In May 2016, she moved to our beautiful state of New York, where she still actively pursues new outlets to exercise her creative energy.

Summer grew up with a single mom and as the oldest of sister of four. Edgy and witty, she charms our clients with her bubbly nature and chatty personality. Summer graduated from LIU Post and has since been constantly scouting for casting calls and auditions. She is cat-obsessed (which seriously makes her no different than the rest of us) and she is extremely fun to work with.

To read more about our newest team members and the senior crew members, visit our About Us page!

*Whispers* Also, between you and I, now is the perfect time to hire Bella Cleaning. I don’t think we’ve had a better crew than we do now!

Thanks for reading, folks! Now, go and enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

Your friendly neighborhood cleaning lady,

P.S. Isn’t it a great time to get a nice, deep Autumn cleaning? Contact us now and we’ll get you in the schedule!

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