Dear HGTV, Your Cleaning Crews Need More Credit!

Whenever I’m watching Chip and Joanna Gaines, or Jonathan and Drew Scott, or Christine and Tarek perform their magic in home renovations, I can’t help but constantly think to myself, “Where in the world are the cleaning people?!”

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Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, and basically every other home renovation show on HGTV seem to have something in common: the houses at the end are beautiful and spotless. Each show will feature¬†this run-down, outdated, sometimes totally disgusting house, and then they’ll show a team get their hands dirty by knocking down walls and installing new finishes, usually followed by a staging crew that’ll make the space look stellar, finally resulting in a completely redone dream home. The one thing these shows seem to forget is to showcase the cleaning crew! I mean, come on now, how else do you guys think all of that sawdust and post-construction dirt is cleaned up? I’ll tell you one thing; it doesn’t just magically disappear.

Here’s the thing. You can have the biggest, prettiest, most updated house in the neighborhood, but your new granite counter tops simply aren’t going to look good unless they’re cleaned regularly. Your crown moldings will eventually look discolored if they aren’t dusted. Your beautiful stainless steal appliances will look grimy unless they’re shined consistently. Your bathrooms .. don’t get me started on your bathrooms. You get the point.

I haven’t seen one show on HGTV that showcases a cleaning crew. Installing floors and cabinets, tiling bathrooms and painting walls create a crazy amount of post-construction dust. Not to mention, those beautiful new hardwoods are constantly being stepped on by workers in dirty boots as they finish the job. And I’d be willing to bet my bottom dollar that Joanna, Jonathan nor Christine get on their hands and knees and scrub the mud off the floors, or wipe down every single surface to make sure there is absolutely no dust after all of the construction is finished.

Cleaning houses isn’t an easy job, but it’s definitely a necessity. Cleaning crews get their hands just as dirty as the contractors who do the actual construction. Speaking from experience, we inhale dust and mold, we stain our clothes with bleach and other cleaners, we sweat as we get in some good arm workouts by scrubbing surface after surface, and we even exterminate bugs with our vacuums from time to time. Though not nearly as glamorous as, say, a staging crew, I can’t help but think that cleaning crews really do need more credit during the entire home renovation process.

Speaking of which, did you know that you can hire Bella Cleaning to take care of all of your post-construction needs? We understand that nobody wants to move into a house covered in sawdust, and we also understand that sawdust literally gets everywhere during a renovation. I’m still not even sure how it happens; I’ve seen only kitchens being renovated and, somehow, the sawdust appears in every single other room in the house. By this point, I’d swear that sawdust is actually a living thing and can move on its own. When we perform post-construction cleanings, we make sure that all dust and dirt is completely removed from your home by quite literally dusting and wiping down every single surface. Even if you only had a certain area of your home redid, we can still come in and clean the specific area (though we do strongly recommend a full house cleaning, just to be safe!).

Don’t be afraid of having nice things. Create the home of your dreams, and give us a call to clean up the mess after.

Oh, and HGTV, I sincerely expect you to start giving ample credit to the cleaning crews that make your houses sparkle! Those houses wouldn’t look even half as good if it weren’t for the amazing cleaning jobs they do!

And, on that note, I’m outta here!

Love, your friendly neighborhood cleaning guru,

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