Which Famous Clean-Up Scene Correctly Represents your ‘Quarantine’ Mood?

The continuing saga of Covid-19 social distancing has us feeling equal parts productive, and completely out of our minds! We know the little voice inside your head is whispering.. “Just do it! Clean the refrigerator!” 

But maybe you already did… Maybe you’ve already cleaned the entire house, twice! Maybe you can’t stand to see one more sponge or can of Lysol! Well, whatever your ‘quarantine’ mood may be… know you can count on us to make you smile! We picked six iconic cleaning scenes to represent ALL the mixed emotions right now… Because let’s face it, this whole thing is a lot. Let us know, which scene are you?!

  1. Chernobyl : If you’re like this scene from the HBO series “Chernobyl,” you’re most likely a germaphobe. You’ve pulled out the heavy artillery; you are 100% committed to destroying every single germ in your household. You’ve got the personal protective equipment, bleach, and elbow grease to prove it! This virus is going down!
  1. Mrs. Doubtfire : If you’re feeling Mrs.Doubtfire, ignorance is bliss. You’re using denial to your advantage because after all, it looks like this pandemic is here to stay. A happy household might mean a little pretending.. So keep the pajama pants on under your work shirt! Keep blasting your favorite music, dancing, and putting on your best “I care” costume for the day (no judgement here!)
  1. “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from Annie : If you relate to “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from Annie, you’ve just about had it with the coronavirus, your do-nothing kids, and the state of your house. You’re mad about government, technological difficulties, and the news makes you sick! “When will we get a little help around here?!” PS – you may be a teacher. 
  1. Parasite : If you’re basically a supporting role in this famous scene from the Korean movie “Parasite,” you’re definitely one of our beloved cleaning procrastinators. Maybe you’ve been so preoccupied binging on netflix and helping your kids with their multiplication that you sorta kinda forgot to do anything at all. Your home is transforming into a mad house, but oops, you just don’t care. By the way, your spouse or partner (an essential worker) is on their way.. Better get your sh*t together! 
  1. “The Happy Working Song” from Enchanted : If you’re feeling like Enchanted, you’ve been in your home for a month or more. You’re singing from your windows, talking to animals, and transforming your life into a musical! Don’t worry! Embrace this mood, because with a little imagination and creativity, anything is possible! 
  1. Limitless : If you relate to Bradley Cooper’s tidy-up performance in the movie “Limitless,” congratulations. With your powers of vitamins, immuno shots, water, rule-following, and a mysterious pill(?) combined, you’ve made yourself a quarantine superhero! While there may not be eight of you, you’re cleaning and moving entire pieces of furniture like nobody’s business. You’ve given that space a new lease on life! 

So, which scene represents your current ‘quarantine’ / social distancing cleaning mood? Let us know in the comments below!

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