Got Pets? We Would Love to Meet Them!

Charging a  “pet absence fee” is a running joke on the Bella Cleaning squad. Why? Because one of the highlights of our day is having the honor of interacting with your furry family members!  The Bella reps get to know your pet on a first name basis.

There’s Rocco, and Maggie, and Livy, and Oliver, and Penny, and Molly, and Lily, and Christina.. Well the list goes on!

We understand your pets are near and dear to your heart. Just like humans, they age, they change, and without them… The feeling of “home” just wouldn’t be the same! We know how important it is your cleaning service understands that. We’ve been known to pay careful attention to pets with special needs, and aging pets who have the occasional accident in your home. Rest assured, Bella Cleaning approaches your pet kindly and calmly!

And let’s get real… we love our dogs and cats, but we don’t love the mess! There’s the hair, the dirt, the fleas, the slobber, the litter, the feed, and the food. You need a cleaning service that helps you maintain your home, while providing trustworthy and responsible companionship to your pets.

If you Love your pets…but also love a clean home, hearing from you would be pawesome! Feel free to call us for a complimentary estimate: 646.508.0335

Bella Cleaning

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