How Much Are You REALLY Saving on “Do it Yourself” Cleanings?

How Much Are You REALLY Saving on “Do it Yourself” Cleanings?

According to The Nest (a popular lifestyle blog), the average American spends anywhere between $40-$50 per month on cleaning supplies. You may ask, “What supplies exactly?” Think trash bags, floor cleaners, and detergents. It’s surprising how these costs can add up; $600 per year on Clorox disinfectant wipes and scrubbing bubbles can total to around $3,000 in a five year span (enough savings to purchase a used car, afford a down payment, or go on a well-deserved vacation abroad!)

These numbers may seem timid to some, but one of the most concerning factors we see aside from spending your hard earned cash, is the consumer footprint attached to purchasing personal cleaning goods. We agree, it’s a good idea to keep a green-clean “multi-purpose” spray around the house. BUT, do you need every specialized concoction on the market? Most Americans are spending $50 (or more) per month on supplies that later become waste as they cannot be washed and reused (such as one-use mop pads and wipes), recycled (plastics carrying harsh chemicals, or popular tech like the Roomba), or repurposed (If you are reusing sponges, bath mats, and toilet brushes…you may want to reconsider).

In addition, most supplies bought by American consumers end up collecting dust while occupying useful cabinet space, later getting poured down the slop sink. Why? Because Americans are “just too freakin’ busy” to clean! Remember, the costs we are detailing concern supplies only, they do not include the time it takes to go shopping for said supplies, or the time and energy used on said supplies. This is vital! And brings us to our next point… YOU.

Bella Cleaning is really about you. You may be saving money doing it yourself, or bribing your kids to do a halfway decent job, but how much are you really SAVING? Are you saving time? Are you saving energy? Are you saving the environment?

Hiring a cleaning service may be a financial investment, but it is also an investment in your peace of mind. A cleaning service is an investment in your relationship, your health, and your family’s overall well-being (fur babies included). So If you’re accustomed to scrubbing solo, consider Bella Cleaning a kind of “cleaning carpool.” Rather than spending hundreds of dollars (and hours) on supplies you may or may not use, let us do the shopping and dirt wrangling for you because Bella Cleaning cuts the most important cost of all; your time!

We provide transportation, supplies, and smiles!

XO The Bellas

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