Bella Cleaning: “We’re Not the Millennials you see on TV!”


Well, not completely.

The Western generation war between Baby Boomers and Millennials is one for the ages, infiltrating every American workplace in the last ten years.
We’ve got Baby Boomers hollering “Anything you can do I can do better” and Millennials heckling back; “Look what you made us do!” The age gap battle is in full swing lately as the Baby Boomers retire into a world which has changed so much in so little time. Millennials are entering their thirties as adults who must navigate a media-driven, hyper-misinformed society. Everything is fair game for criticism on both parties; from politics, to relationships, to education, and most importantly in our case; work ethic. So, while disagreements between generations will always persist, it’s increasingly important to find empathy and common ground. Just as our world is increasingly more complicated!

Let’s define the individuals we are talking about here. And as a side note, your future cleaning service (that’s us, Bella) is completely composed of (yep, you guessed it) Millennials!

Baby Boomers were America’s first mega generation, a historic population of post-depression/war era babies born between 1946 and 1964. Generation Y, more commonly known and referred to as “Millennials,” were born between 1980 and 1994, morphing over to Gen Z in 1995. If a Baby Boomer was to describe Baby Boomers in a couple words, those words would most likely be “hard working,” “self-made,” “resilient,” and “transformative,” as they were participating in much of civil rights era history. They were also developing their careers at a fruitful time in American capitalism, so honest work yielded outstanding results (for most, I won’t be touching on the intersection of class, gender, or race today, but it’s no secret why Millennials continue to push for equality). Through pain and triumph, Baby Boomers created the arts and culture that younger generations emulate and participate in today.
Ask a Millennial to describe Millennials in a couple words and those words might be “innovative,” “personal,” “self-absorbed,” “hard-working,” “progressive,” and maybe even “disadvantaged.” Millennials are experiencing an exponential increase of technology development, but a decrease in the integrity of information. Many of this generation struggles with education debt, and steep taxing on small business and entrepreneurship. The minimum wage has not caught up with the cost of living, and as a result they have been given the stereotype of “lazy” or “nomadic” when the truth is that they cannot realistically afford the same living standards as previous generations. Millennials care about their self image, feelings, and people’s opinions of them. Millennials seek to reinvent the rules, and explore topics previously adjourned by the rule makers that came before them. What Boomers think of as “politically correct,” Millennials just see as “common sense.”

Now back to that “common ground” I was talking about..

You probably see Millennials featured on talk shows and news stories, explaining social media and sending emojis.. BUT, that stereotype is far from the real thing. Did you know our CEO is a self-made Millennial who started her business eight years ago, right out of her car? Doesn’t sound “lazy” now does it? We are masters of the “hustle,” young people who are passionate about the future. We strive to make a difference in whatever way we can, we believe our work has purpose! That is the stereotype we strive for.

At Bella Cleaning, we’ve found that cleaning services do not discriminate. Help in your home or office will never go out of style! We serve a diverse population, ranging from Millennials to Xennials, Generation X to the Silent Generation, and one thing is certain; hard work! We know what it means, and that’s why you can trust our help. As much as the wise likes to differ from the youth (and vice versa), we have found it is the unique experiences, and the diversity of our clients and employees alike that truly make our business special.

So, next time you hear “oh, those millennials…”
Consider these ones 🙂

With love and a Happy Friday,
Bella Cleaning

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