Why Creatives Should Consider a Cleaning Service (For employment or Hire!)


“For Employment”

Hi there, my name is Emily and I am your resident contributor. I am also one of a few “creative types” employed at Bella Cleaning!
I have involved myself in the arts since kindergarten, they are truly my passion.
I spent my adolescence in rural Colorado singing in choir, competing on my high school’s dance team, and performing in musicals. I have a deep connection to songwriting and music production, and I have always seen a vision of myself on the stage or behind it. When it came time for college, I made the decision to travel to Phoenix, Arizona and pursue a degree in Dance Performance at Arizona State University. During my time at ASU, I became heavily involved with street dance and hip hop culture (and still am to this day!) Over my six years spent in Arizona, I taught dance at a local studio and traveled across state lines, even to Sao Paulo, Brazil to involve myself in the biggest rewards that dance has to offer, my personal favorite being; Community.

It’s no secret why my love for the arts, thirst for inspiration, and urge to create brought me to New York. After completing my degree, teaching, working, and exploring life “post college,” I felt an urge to move to the big apple. It just so happens I was born here, and so were my parents, and their parents before them. It felt right to revisit the east coast and weigh my chances. I had no plan on where to begin, and so here we are!
When “Cleaning” crossed my path, I was willing to work in whatever field… immediately. As most artists, I was juggling multiple jobs and sources of income when I experienced an unfortunate fallout in my endeavors. Everything deflated at once. I was left unemployed. And so, the job search began. I needed variety, something spacious, physical, something that would not create conflict with my mental flow of thoughts and ideas. I needed something flexible, but also consistent. I needed a boss that wanted to know me, and a staff I wanted to get to know. I couldn’t let New York defeat me!
That’s when Bella Cleaning twirled into view.

I have been working for a cleaning company for seven months now. As a creative person, I find purpose in my work every day. Why? Because for each client, I make a difference. Through cleaning, organizing, and tidying, I find myself and I utilize my creative eye. It’s up to me to make the space look “right.” I multitask my day dream and my responsibilities. I apply my personal touch in each room I enter, and that feeling of control is addicting! I’ve learned many things during work, such as “letting go.”
You’ll find that when you work in the cleaning industry, you revisit the same houses, the same circumstances, and the same “situations” (messes). I have learned to detach from my work. I’ve learned to appreciate my influence and not become emotional about whether it lingers or just disappears. Can you hear the “artist” in my voice yet?
Another important skill you learn in a cleaning company? Team work. It sounds cliche, but I believe that is one of the most endearing benefits of this job. You learn how to pull your weight, and you get to do so in peace. The feeling of trust you gain in people, knowing they’re doing their part and you are doing yours.. What a relief! Discipline, mental flexibility, and communication. That is what cleaning has brought to my life.
I always think about how much an artist would benefit from this work. I see so many of my peers in the food service, restaurant, retail and hospitality industries. At this point in my life, I just don’t get it. After years of trying, I came to realize that “serving” was never really my forte. Working in food service was always a risk; from the scheduling, to the pay. It never made me feel secure. And when you’re trying to nurture your next epiphany, security is key! Imagine performing your job duties in silence, or with your favorite music playing through your earbuds.. Nobody on your back? A lovely scenario, eh?

So I could continue to talk about myself, but wouldn’t you rather discover my advice first hand? My fellow creatives, this is for you! Consider Bella Cleaning as a company that not only values your character, but the future you see in your horizons. We provide flexible scheduling, consistent hourly pay, and most importantly, genuine support of your personal goals. We speak on hard-hitting issues between each job, we converse over philosophies, we shatter stereotypes, and laugh over pop culture and Mean Girls references (did you know it’s becoming a musical?!)

Before you turn down this opportunity, consider what you might be missing!
We look forward to meeting you!
With love,
Emily and the Stars of Bella Cleaning

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