Why Creatives Should Consider a Cleaning Service (For employment or Hire!)


“For Hire”

Hey there, it’s Emily again.
I have a question; When was the last time you created art?
If you’re thinking “Well, I’m not an artist.”  I respectfully disagree!
In my opinion, everyone is an artist. Everyone is a dancer, a painter, a sculptor, a singer. You may laugh at this, but only to distract the part of you that believes it!
We love to advise “you can do what you put your mind to!”
Typically, we mean this when it comes to things like work, parenting, fitness, five year plans, and day to day tasks. Pursuing the arts (even as a hobby) is a risky business, left to the world of childhood..
Quick life hack – Creativity is not just “something you’re born with.”
We all possess it, but we don’t all FINESSE it!

Like any other skill, creativity needs exercise, repetition, and a resources! Don’t be discouraged, a creative environment can be anything from a dark basement to a sandy beach. A creative space depends on YOU. Sometimes all you need is a pencil, or five feet. There are no rules or limits.. But you must start. You must start to explore your imagination, and you’ll find that the space creates itself.

I’m no expert, but after a lifetime of making everything from books, to fashion lines, to dances, to songs (I grew up an only child and had a lot of time on my hands). I’ve found that the best creative space is an organized, solitary space. There are many people out there who feel that their mess/clutter drives their art, but I’ve personally come to realize this; the more stuff I have, the less art I make.

So what does all of this have to do with Bella Cleaning? If creativity is a flower, consider us your gardeners! Bella Cleaning is here to knead the soil, and help you plant the seed. We know you want your home to be a source of inspiration, not a drain of it. The representatives of Bella Cleaning are creative people, and we understand how order allows creation. If your creative habits boil in cooking, let us clear your kitchen. If your pictures form in a studio, let us dust off your tools.

“Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

With love,
Emily and the Bella Cleaning Crew

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