So you want to hire a cleaning service…


We get it, the whole “asking for help” thing doesn’t always come easy!

But if you could…
Imagine a world where your peace-of- mind transcends self-help audio books, and takes new shape as an organized living room. The residue of the family rush, untraceable. Dust bunnies & rabbits, no longer lurking beneath your bed. Imagine a clean slate on which to form healthy habits, and a rejuvenated sense of order in your home (and by home, we really mean soul).
At Bella Cleaning, we’ve observed that the toughest part of our jobs is getting through a new client’s door! We understand the procrastination we all associate with cleaning, and your needs for a judgment free zone! We know the jitters that come with sharing something personal; from your home, to prized possessions, large investments, pets, and most importantly family. We also understand that cleaning brings limitless transformation, and we would love to be the ones that facilitate it!

We get it, you have to think about it 🙂
There is no harm in a free estimate! Schedule a walk through today at 646.508.0335

The Bella Squad

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