True Life: We’re Crazy Cat People

Hey, y’all!

As always, it’s your favorite neighborhood cleaning lady here! I’m really going to burst at the seams if I don’t confess something on behalf of Bella Cleaning: we are totally, completely and undeniably in love with pets.

Juliet’s fur baby, Lily!

Dogs, cats, bunnies, even bearded dragons – we love them all. If you think that you can’t hire a cleaning company because you have a big dog or a sassy cat, you are totally wrong. Bella Cleaning will not only clean all of the animal hair that may be around your house, but we’ll also spoil your fur babies with a lot of love.

Me, showing love to Murray from Merrick!

Isn’t the endless amount of pet hair such a drag? Bella Cleaning will remove the pet hair from your couches, under your beds, your floors, and anywhere else there may be hair. And trust us, we know that pet hair sometimes makes its way to everywhere in your home. Let’s face it; those pesky hairs can lead to bad allergy attacks, stuffy noses and lots of itchiness! Keeping your home clean from pet hair is not only good for your health, but it’s also good for your happiness and your sanity!

Give us a call today and let’s set up a free estimate. When we walk away from our first cleaning, you’ll immediately notice a huge difference in the cleanliness of your home and the purity of the air inside of it!

Did I mention that our clients have the cutest pets?! Before I let you go, I absolutely must show you some of the adorable picture’s we’ve taken of our clients’ furry babies. See below!



Bailey, Scout and Willow – three gorgeous Scottish fold sisters from Garden City!

Our furry friend from Port Washington!
Murray from Merrick!
Livie and Oliver from Plainview!
Livie and Oliver from Plainview!

And of course, for good measure, here’s two pictures of my fur babies, Ebony and Sage!


Do you have adorable photos of your pets? We want to see them, seriously! Post them to our Facebook page so that we can squee over them.

And with that, I bid you all farewell! Until next time!


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