Why you NEED your home cleaned before Thanksgiving


Hi, friends! Holly here!

First of all, I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is approaching us so quickly. Does anyone feel like it was just yesterday that they were blasting their air conditions and making daily beach trips? This Autumn season is really zooming by us!

So, let me ask you, are you really ready for Thanksgiving? You may have your turkey, your decorations, gifts for the family, and other essentials, but there’s something a lot of us tend to forget that is pretty necessary to host a good Thanksgiving: a deep cleaning!

And with the chaos that always comes with the holidays, who really has time to clean everything themselves? No one, that’s who. Well, in my opinion, anyway. So why not hire a cleaning service (ahem, Bella Cleaning) to clean your home and make it sparkle before your guests arrive?

So before it’s simply too late (we’ve got only one week left, folks!), I’ve decided to compile a pretty awesome list of the reasons you should hire Bella Cleaning to clean your home before next Thursday!

  • If your home has pets,¬†some of your family members may find staggering pet hair irritating, so let us come and vacuum it away for you! Also, coming from a pet owner, do you want to risk those hairs somehow making their way into someone’s stuffing?
  • Old crumbs and other oven left-overs in or on your beautiful turkey = a big no-no. Hire us to clean your oven for you!
  • Aren’t we all in one way or another allergic to dust? Let us come and dust your home away; you’ll be relieved when your friends and family aren’t having sneezing competitions at the dinner table.
  • If you have boys/men in the house, we can all safely assume that your bathroom isn’t the cleanest one out there. We’ll clean your showers, tubs, toilets(!) and sinks(!) so that your bathrooms are truly guest-worthy. They may even think they’re in a five-star hotel for a moment there.
  • Leave an amazing first impression with a front glass door that’s SO CLEAN your guests will literally walk into it.
  • We’ll clean your entire kitchen from top-to-bottom. The outsides of all appliances, the inside and outside of the microwave, any and all sinks (so you won’t have to strain your pasta in an old-food haven) and the counter tops. Now, you’ll be able to carve your turkey right on the counter in total peace and tranquility.
  • We’ll also clean your dining room table. If it’s glass, we’ll clean it like crazy. If it’s wood, we’ll pledge it and make it shine, baby!
  • Isn’t mopping such a pain in the butt? That’s right, we’ll do that too, so you can really enforce that “no-shoe rule” you’ve been thinking about since last year.

There’s a million more reasons to hire a service to clean your home before Thanksgiving, but I don’t want to overwhelm you guys with all of this enthusiasm! Anyway, consider hiring Bella Cleaning to make your home totally clean and presentable before the big day. If this post has swept you off your feet and inspired you, be sure to give us a call and we’ll set up a 100% free, no-obligation estimate!

I look forward to chatting with you guys next time!
– Holly

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